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These are some of the measures contained in the decree AAMS, signed a few days ago by the General Manager Giorgio Tino, intended to change the rules on betting online. Just the marketing points discussed are the subject of a long series of instructions, regulations and prohibitions, including the obligation to publicize the bid only within the local area and using materials prepared by the concessionaire, the prohibition of entering into contracts game account between the owner of the system (the same dealer that has a system of game accounts, ed) and the owner and administrator of the year in which the activity is marketing.

Operators of remote points is then forbidden to lend operational support to the player for the collection of winnings through the computer.  The acceptance of or in any way the collection of games and bets, for example through the use of signs, windows and furniture that advertise games or betting , and providing the player to printed publications and materials with gambling offers or to provide information in support of the game. Finally, the points will be displayed a sign - prepared by the dealer - that brings an indication that the year are prohibited the collection of bets and payment of winnings.

The Monopoly then went to hit one of the key aspects in the management of electronic game, namely the consideration paid by the dealer to the point of marketing: it must be commensurate with the amount of top-ups and no more than the amount of the collection, margin or profit earned by the agency where the point is connected. Among the instruments charging of accounts allowed the game, the dealer may provide for the player or the remote connection to the computer or phone with the call center. In addition, it will be possible to feed the deposit at the point of sale to the dealer's game - that agencies - or at the point of sale of the licensee. Separately, however, through recharge cards: The sum of these measures leads, in fact, the abolition of cash as a means of charging "live" account, at least outside of the authorized agencies.

also particularly stringent set of rules to sanction defaulting dealers who do not carry out the checks provided on its network of remote points. AAMS will in fact proceed with the forfeiture or revocation of licenses in cases of non-compliance in respect of fees paid to the charging center or lack of control of the licensee. Monopoly is also allowed to the precautionary suspension of concessions justified until the close of the administrative procedure: the suspension may not exceed two months, after which - without forfeiture or revocation - it will cease to right. Via finally to a maxi-census points of marketing: dealers will transmit data on AAMS of acceptance within 30 days from the date of adoption of the decree.

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