Water Sports

Water sports are increasingly sophisticated and original and are very useful to keep in shape. With the surfboard, lightweight and high-tech material, now you can practice different disciplines are specific to each age, physical fitness and rate of recklessness. The news of the summer is the Sup (an acronym for Stand Up Paddle, which means 'standing on the paddle') which, after the boom in California and Hawaii, is spreading in our seas, since it does not require waves high. Is to stand on a board similar to a surfboard and paddle upstream.

And 'suitable for everyone, including children and the elderly, but it requires great balance and stability. As the kayak surfing, which uses a kind of canoe and paddle to juggle the waves of the sea. Really like the youngest body boarding: you can practice with a small light board and flippers on your feet, lying down or kneeling and swimming between wave and another drifting to the shore. Very impressive is parasailing, a native of the Caribbean, recently arrived in Italy, which does not use the table but a parasail boat tied to a motor that pulls in flight. It's not complicated, it is suitable even for beginners and offers, even leading to a hundred feet high, the chance to admire the panorama of the coast.

Those who prefer fresh water and the thrill can enjoy rafting, streams and rivers that descend to board a boat called self-bailing rafts, in groups of six to eight people, trying not to tip over. In canyoning hurl themselves on foot, without raft or canoe, including narrow gorges and canyons, plowing through small rivers. At the lake you can practice wakeboarding, a cross between skiing and snowboarding. With a table similar to that of snowboarding you let us towed by a speedboat, it wanted in jumps and stunts.Benefit from fantastic savings on flowers , just by taking a look at http://www.bangkokflowerdelivery.com

But instead of sailing there is a kite, which is operated by a bar, which is tied with ropes thirty meters long. It allows you to fly through the waves while having fun in leaps and adrenaline adventures. You do not need a lot of experience: just take a short course of sixteen hours in one of the many schools that have flourished in recent years. And not only the sea: it kitesurfing practice well with the low winds and waves of the lakes. Those of Como and Garda are the most frequented by lovers of this sport.

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