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For many beginners, it is still a year until the 2014 World Cup in Brazil starts out. While still wrangle the Brazilians with their stadiums and other things but prepare the individual teams prior to this important tournament. And just who are already Betting professionals thereby prepare it. This looks exactly like you learn here in this article.

Because even if it sounds like one years a very long time, so there is a lot of information gathered by the sports betting pro or just had to gather for a World Cup. You have to see the fact. In the World Cup itself is then fairly quickly and stressful. Within a few days or weeks you have multiple games and have to act as quickly and fairly decide. Any information with you is going to the World Cup because of course an advantage.

The participants are mostly even now a year before the World Cup is not fixed yet. It was only in November 2013 as the qualifying matches in Europe are closed and therefore are then identified several candidates for the World Cup 2014. Other regions take longer. What you can estimate pretty well but now have - or at least every professional sports betting should - is the fact who is a strong favorite for qualification.

Look for example at the qualification in South America. There, nine teams play against each other at the end of which four or five to the finals. There are clear favorites Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia, but also already have a powerful advantage. Then, Chile, Venezuela and Uruguay are pretty equal and rear are Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. In Europe, however, there are nine groups of five or six teams. The first of each group come on and the best second-placed. There are then in each group one, two or maximum three teams ever have a chance.

When you have identified the favorite, then it goes drum to watch and of course fully inform you about it until the World Cup. This does not yet as intense as you make it, for example, in operations on league games, but you should always know how modest which team has played. The closer you get to the World Cup, the more you should intensify your observations.

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